12 Volt Fluorescent Lights For Rv Use

Whether you love to camp with your RV or you want to travel the country in style, today’s RVs have everything you need. Since the RV systems run on batteries, however, brighten your home-away-from-home with 12 volt fluorescent lighting, which is easy on your batteries and makes your RV living the most practical and convenient.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

One type of the many fluorescent light bulbs available today.

A wide variety of 12 volt fluorescent light bulbs are available today. They look good and give you the cozy light you need for reading and other activities. Fluorescent light bulbs have a spiral where the bulb normally is, or they might have several small tubes coming out of the socket. They screw in just like a normal bulb, although their light is much warmer than the usual fluorescent light and the flicker is hardly noticeable. Besides being easy on your RV’s batteries, they also have a very long life — about 10 times longer than an incandescent or traditional light bulb.

Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Fluorescent fixtures are usually covered with a non-glare white plastic.

Most 12-volt light fixtures are compact and easy to install, and they don’t protrude like a bulb does. You can install them on the ceiling or on the wall. They deliver twice the brightness of an ordinary light and use less electricity; therefore, they are easy on RV batteries. The mounting hardware comes with the fixture. The chassis is often aluminum, covered with a usually white, non-glare plastic. These fixtures may have from one to four fluorescent tubes inside. They are ideal for lighting larger spaces where you need more light, like the cooking corner or kitchen in the RV.

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Portable Fluorescent Lights

One of your many choices of a portable fluorescent light.

Storing a few portable lights in your RV is a good idea. Keep them charged, and you won’t have any trouble if your batteries die suddenly, you need to go outside at night or in case of other emergencies. One type of portable fluorescent light comes as a one-tube light with a handle and a cord that plugs into a cigarette lighter. Another portable light, also a one-tube light, has a little stand on which it rests. It’s cordless and provides light for about two hours. It can be charged in less than an hour with a power adapter or a 12 volt cigarette lighter. A similar version has a hook at the top and can double as a work light or a flashlight.


An unusual light to place in your RV is an awning roller light. Attach the light into the extra slot in the awning roll bar, and it turns your awning into a lampshade whenever you want to light up your RV at night. This light only draws 1.25 amps and will last for about 3,000 hours. It comes with a power plug you can install by the RV door. On balmy nights, you can enjoy sitting outside and reading or playing games in the light of your awning roller light.