12v Dc Led Spotlights

12V DC light is used for solar systems

LED lights offer more light than fluorescent lights while using less power. Switching to LED lights offers many advantages, though the technology needs improvements to use 12V DC light bulbs for all applications. These light bulbs are particularly suited to renewable energy systems. The light bulb can run directly off the power produced from solar cells or a wind turbine. Does this Spark an idea?


The 12 VDC LED light is powered by direct current (DC). DC is not used in homes, but it is used in cars and solar power systems.


This is a low voltage light bulb as it uses 12 Volts. This is the amount of voltage produced by a solar battery, so the bulb can be connected directly to the solar system. The solar panel or wind turbine is connected to 12 Volt batteries. The light bulb then operates perfectly with this amount of power. Converting the energy from the solar DC battery to an alternating current (AC) requires enough power to burn 50 of these 12 VDC light bulbs. Therefore, using 12V DC light bulbs with a solar or wind energy system is efficient.

Directional Light

LED lights are used as spotlights because the created light is bright but is directional. Therefore, these bulbs are not recommended for home use where general light diffused in all directions is desired. The LED light bulb does work well as spotlights, flashlight bulbs and car headlights. The optical beam can range from six to 25 degrees depending on the desired width of the light beam.

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The LED spotlight contains no mercury, has a much longer life cycle, is more energy efficient and will turn on instantly. You do not need to wait for the bulb to warm up and reach full power. These bulbs are also less likely to break and are not affected by frequently being turned on or off.


The price of the LED bulbs are much more expensive than traditional fluorescent lights. An LED light can be found for approximately $20 in 2010 while fluorescent bulbs cost between $2 to $4.