About Dorcy Led Flashlights

Flashlights from Dorcy International offer a range of choices for users. The wide selection of LED flashlights in Dorcy’s catalog can be found in the stores of major retailers. Dorcy, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, has been in the flashlight industry for 35 years.


Dorcy LED flashlights feature bulb sizes ranging from 5 mm LEDs to 3 W LEDs, producing up to 50 lumens of light. According to the Dorcy website, the company “offers the broadest line of LED flashlights in the industry and the best price/value LED flashlight line.” Dorcy flashlights feature Luxeon LED bulbs made by Lumileds.


The type of battery used varies depending on the Dorcy flashlight model. Battery requirements are 3 AAA, 1 AA, 2 AA, 4 AA or a 12 V rechargeable battery with an auto-safety light. These flashlights are also boater-friendly, as they are waterproof and can float. Some models have shock-absorbing rubber around the head and tail of the flashlight and a carabineer clip for fastening.

Fun Fact

More energy-efficient than traditional flashlight bulbs, LED bulbs require only one-thirtieth to one-third of the electricity and last 10 to 15 times longer. LED bulbs are not created using mercury, and they are more durable than customary flashlight bulbs.

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