Adjust The Headlights In A Chrysler Sebring

When you adjust the aim for the headlights on your Chrysler Sebring, you not only ensure you comply with state regulations dictating the correct angle, you also improve your nighttime visibility. Chrysler recommends you check the aim at least once every 12 months or any time you do front-end body work or change a headlamp bulb.


Prepare Your Chrysler Sebring

1. Make any necessary repairs to your car before you begin. Pay special attention to the headlight assembly and your front end.

2. Ensure you have the proper air pressure in your tires.

3. Fill your gas tank to at least half-full or add 6 1/2 lbs. of weight to compensate for each missing gallon until you reach half a tank.

4. Remove any excess cargo you don’t carry in the trunk on a daily basis.

5. Compensate for the lack of a driver by adding the appropriate amount of weight.

6. Find a 6-foot high by 12-foot long wall near a level surface to park your car in front of. Gently bounce the bumper once you’re parked to settle the suspension.

Adjust the Headlights in Your Chrysler Sebring

7. Turn on your lights and shine them on the wall from a distance of 5 feet.

8. Place a piece of masking tape on the wall to mark the center point for each headlight.

9. Reverse your Chrysler Sebring to a distance of 25 feet from the wall. Engage your emergency brake for additional safety.

10. Locate the adjustment screws. Look under the hood on top of the headlight assemblies to find the screws for sealed beam units. Composite headlights only have adjustment screws when the headlights mount to an adjuster plate. In this case, you’ll typically find the adjustment screws on the headlamp module.

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11. Check the bubble level, if your model has one. Chrysler believes the headlights have the correct path when the bubble sits on the 0 mark; however, it’s fairly common for the bubble level to be off.

12. Adjust the low beam lights before you check the high beam lights. You can use a Torxhead screwdriver to twist the screws. You need to adjust each headlight separately.

13. Stop when the headlights on your Chrysler Sebring hit the marks on the wall. You may not be able to center both the low beam and high beam exactly on center. In this case, center whichever intensity you use the most often.