Adjust The Headlights In A Hyundai Sonata

If you live in the country and only pass a few cars at night, the angle of the headlights on your Hyundai Sonata may not seem like a big deal. But if you’re someone who drives in the city, you can get a ticket if you have your headlights pointed too high or off to the side.


1. Find a level spot close to a wall (within 5 feet) and park your Hyundai Sonata. You may want to use your emergency brake as an additional safety feature since you’ll be working in front of the car.

2. Turn your headlights on and prepare your sedan so it matches your normal driving conditions. You may need to add or remove cargo, adjust the tire pressure or add weight over the fuel tank.

3. Locate the center for each headlight’s trajectory and mark it with a piece of masking tape.

4. Back up the sedan to a distance of 20 to 25 feet from the wall. Put the sedan in park.

5. Determine what type of headlights you have. Your Hyundai Sonata may have composite headlights bolted to the frame, which means you can’t make adjustments to the headlights. If you have an adjuster plate, you should see adjustments screws when you remove the bezel.

6. Turn the adjustment screws with a Phillips screwdriver. You want to center each headlight on the mark, so keep an eye on the trajectory and the mark as you adjust each headlight.

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