Aim Motorcycle Spotlights

Spotlights are used to customize your motorcycle.

Aiming the spotlight on your motorcycle is important, because they allow you to see better at night. No matter how many spotlights are installed on the bike, the process is going to be the same for all of them. You will need a large surface to aim the lights at, and it is best to do this after the sun goes down so you can see the lights better. Not much in term of tools are needed, and you can do this in less then 10 minutes.


1. Park the motorcycle in front of your garage door or a wall after the sun goes down. Loosen the mounting nuts on the side of the spotlight with a box wrench.

2. Turn the motorcycle’s engine on, and turn the spotlight on. Aim the spotlight at the garage or wall, and make sure that the light beam is pointing in the same place as the headlight.

3. Tighten the mounting nuts on the side of the spotlight using a box wrench. Repeat the process for any other spotlights installed on the motorcycle.

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