Airplane Cheats For ‘Gta The Ballad Of Gay Tony’

The Ballad of Gay Tony” is an expansion disc for the Rockstar Games video game “Grand Theft Auto IV.” Replacing Niko Bellic as the protagonist in this new chapter is Luis Fernando Lopez, a member of a Dominican drug dealing gang and personal body guard to Anthony Price, also known as Gay Tony. Players can access new missions across Liberty City that frequently cross over the plot of the original game. There are several cheats players can use to progress and access extra content.

Annihalator Helicopter

The Annihilator attack helicopter found in “The Ballad of Gay Tony” is the most powerful vehicle available to players. It is armed with both mini-guns and missiles, and is very maneuverable. Using this aircraft can make traveling around the city and defeating enemies very easy. To summon the Annihilator, make Luis take out his cell phone during normal gameplay and call this number: “359-555-0100.” The helicopter will appear next to your character.

Buzzard Helicopter

The Buzzard is smaller than the Annihilator, but lighter and more maneuverable. It is classified as a light military aircraft, and as such is illegal in Liberty City, but the police force will not take action against it unless fired upon. The Buzzard can hold two people and is armed with mini-rockets and two mini-guns. Unlike the Annihilator, the Buzzard’s weapons can fire simultaneously and will not overheat. To spawn a Buzzard, take out Luis’ cell phone during normal gameplay and call “359-555-2899.” The helicopter will appear next to you.

Get a Parachute

Flying around Liberty City can be risky, and if you are not used to flying the different aircraft, you can crash into buildings or be shot down, sending Luis falling from the sky. Equipping yourself with a parachute will allow the player to glide safely back to earth without harm. To get a parachute take out Luis’ cell-phone before you fly, and call “359-555-7272.” The parachute will then be added to your inventory. It can be used by selecting it in your inventory and pressing the fire button. Luis will then glide back to the ground safely.

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Change Weather

While flying around Liberty City, you are subjected to various weather conditions, which affect the player’s ability to navigate and fly an aircraft. In stormy or foggy conditions, visibility is vastly reduced, increasing the risk of crashing into buildings and skyscrapers. This can cause you to crash, killing Luis and destroying your aircraft. Before you fly, you can change the weather to the ideal flying conditions by taking out Luis’ cell phone and calling “468-555-0100.” This will scroll through the eight different weather types available until you have the perfect conditions.