Airports Near Morgantown West Virginia


Morgantown, West Virginia sits along the Monongahela River. The city is in the central part of the state near the Pennsylvania border. Morgantown is home to West Virginia University, whose 25,000 students bring the city’s total population to about 70,000. The city is well-serviced by its local airport.

Morgantown Municipal Airport

The Morgantown Municipal Airport offers both access to commercial flights and support for general aviation. United Express serves Morgantown with at least two daily flights to Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. Fixed base operations for private flying is provided by the City of Morgantown. The Air Traffic Control Tower is on duty every day from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. The single runway is 5,200 ft. long by 150 ft. wide and can support aircraft weighing up to 175,000 lb. Forty hangers are available for corporations or individuals to rent.

Morgantown Municipal Airport

100 Hart Field Road

Morgantown, WV 26505

(304) 296-2359

Valley Point Airport

Valley Point is a small, private use airport 10 miles east of Morgantown. The field has a 2800 ft. by 40 ft. asphalt runway with edge lighting. There are approximately 10 private aircraft based on the airport, including six single-engine aircraft, one multi-engine and three ultralights.

Cheatview Flying Inc.

P.O. Box 628

Kingwood, WV 26537

(304) 329-2433

Dawson AAF

The Camp Dawson Army Air Field is approximately 15 miles southeast of Morgantown. The field is a remote site for Army training and maneuvers. The airport has a runway that is 4,500 ft. long by 50 ft. wide, made of asphalt with edge lighting. A dirt runway runs parallel to the paved one. The airport is closed to airplanes heavier than 12,500 lb. Private pilots who want to land or make approaches at the field should get prior approval from the Adjutant General of the West Virginia National Guard. Dawson AAF has a control tower and terminal building.

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U.S. Army Atca-aso

Cameron Station

Alexandria, VA 22314