Ambulance Laws In Va

An ambulance must be on-site at all boxing events pursuant to Virginia Code Section 54.1-829(E).

Ambulance service licensing and service contracts in Virginia are regulated by the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Advisory Board. EMS regulations are contained in Chapter 31 of the Virginia Code Sections 10 through 2970.


The Virginia EMS Advisory Board was established and exists for regulating a variety of emergency services including ambulance service providers. The Commissioner of Health oversees the emergency medical service classification departments. Companies must be licensed and can lose their license or face other disciplinary action for failure to abide by the board’s regulations or administrative orders.


Requirements for supplies, operation management guidelines and vehicle specifications are established and enforced by the EMS Advisory Board. The board considers the current minimal equipment list for ambulances as provided by the Committee on Trauma of the American College of Surgeons in the issuance and maintenance of board regulations.


Instructions for completion of the ambulance license application as well as the application are available online at the EMS board website. The application must state which of the four EMS licenses the applicant wishes to obtain. There are four basic EMS agency license classes: non-transport first response, ground ambulance, neonatal ambulance and air ambulance.

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