Are Neon Lights Illegal In Iowa

Iowa bans certain colors and types of car lights.

Neon underglow lights are not illegal in Iowa. You can legally purchase and install neon underglow lights on your car, as long as they adhere to state vehicle codes.


Underglow is an aesthetic customization whereby neon lights are attached to the chassis part of a car so that the lights shine on the ground.


Iowa Code 321.422 states that no one can drive a vehicle with a device that displays or reflects a red light in front of the vehicle, except for individuals who drive emergency vehicles and school buses. Iowa Code 321.404 states that rear signal lights must be red or amber. Iowa Code 321.423 states that blue lights cannot be used anywhere on a car unless it’s an authorized fire or other emergency vehicle.


Except for rear signal lights or hazard lights, flashing lights of any color are illegal. Emergency vehicles and school buses are not subject to this rule.


Illegal flashing lights, blue lights or rear signal lights that are a color other than red or amber will result in a $20 fine. Using a red light in the front of a car will result in a $10 penalty.

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