Arkansas Law On Motorcycle Lighting

Always check the motorcycle lighting laws before operating a motorcycle in Arkansas.

Motorcycle lighting laws vary from state to state, and the laws that apply to Arkansas might not apply everywhere else. The purpose of motorcycle lighting laws is to increase the safety of both the rider and the other vehicle operators on the road.


On July 1, 1967, Arkansas became one of 17 states that required all motorcycles to have daytime running lights while you are operating your vehicle on a public road or highway. The daytime running lights, which can be hardwired into the motorcycle or manually turned on during daytime hours, elevates the visibility of the motorcycle, allowing all other vehicles on the road to see you.

Off Road

Those who wish to operate their motorcycle off road in Arkansas are not required to run their lights during the daytime. However, during the nighttime hours, motorcycle riders are required to run both their headlight and their taillight while operating their vehicle.

Neon Blue

Under Arkansas law, motorcycle riders have the legal right to equip their front light with a LED neon blue light in order to accent the front light for visibility purposes. However, the light cannot be visibly blue, nor can it flash. The no-flashing law prevents it from being confused with an emergency vehicle.

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