Army Egress Training

Military Humvee

Egress by definition is the act of going or coming out. In the military, egress is the action of going out of or leaving a place by the most direct and safe means. This could mean exit from a place or from a machine. The Army egress training is generally dealing with escaping from vehicles during emergencies.


There are several types of Army egress training. Helicopters, Humvees, tanks and Stryker operators undergo egress training in order to know exit a machine in case of emergency. In the case of a Humvee, when the Humvee is overturned, training aids crew members in knowing escape or exit from the vehicle safely. Army helicopter crews go under similar training to learning escape or exit a downed helicopter that is underwater.


Egress training increases survival of solders during combat. Egress training provides different scenarios in which soldiers can familiarize themselves with safe escape procedures. Soldiers perform numerous drills to reinforce the emergency exit procedures. Egress training is necessary for the solder to achieve self-control and overcome fear and panic.


Egress training generally involves multipurpose training simulators. A typical simulator such as HEAT is a high-mobility wheeled vehicle trainer. The simulator provides hands-on training in a Humvee replica. Soldiers train in the simulator without risk, damage to equipment or destroying the environment. Such simulators reinforce operational procedures, vehicle or machinery operations, and emergency procedures.

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