Assemble A Light Umbrella

A typical light umbrella modifies light in studio photography.

Photographers use light umbrellas to diffuse or soften the light that will fall on the subject to be photographed. Light umbrellas usually come in a kit that includes a photographic strobe and a light stand.


1. A tripod base provides stability to photographic equipment.

Pull out the legs of the light umbrella stand, which is usually a tripod. Firmly grip the center column of the light stand and fold out the three legs. Make sure it stands on a flat surface.

2. Screw in the swivel or strobe light mount on top of the light stand. Hand-tighten the screw to make sure its securely in place.

3. A mounted strobe light tilted upwards to bounce flash.

Attach the photographic strobe light unit on the swivel mount. Tilt the unit upwards a bit, but not in a 90-degree position to create even light.

4. Photo shows how a fully open light umbrella looks like.

Press the knob to open up the light umbrella. Insert the umbrella’s handle end to the slot in the swivel or strobe light mount.

5. Adjust the height of the light stand in a way that it is at least two feet higher than the subject to be photographed. Plug the strobe unit in. Take test shots and view results from your camera’s LCD for the light umbrella’s correct height and distance placement from the subject.

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