Avoid Distractions While Driving

Driving is a grave responsibility that demands your full attention. Driver distractions can occur anytime, anywhere and any place. A distraction is anything that takes your mind away from driving. Distractions are common among young adult drivers and are the chief cause of accidents, contributing to one out of four accidents in the United States. These types of accidents also result in over a million dollars in damages. Follow these steps to avoid distractions while driving.


1. Avoid talking on your cell phone. Some states require you to pull over when using your cell phone while driving.

2. Never multi-task while driving. Do not do things like adjusting your radio, compact disc player or GPS unit.

3. Do not read while driving. When you need to read or use a map, pull off the road.

4. Avoid taking your coat off or changing clothes while driving.

5. Put makeup on, comb your hair and shave before leaving your house or office. These things should never be done while driving.

6. Avoid eating or drinking while driving.

7. Keep music at a reasonable level. Listening to music that is too loud or using headphones or earplugs while driving can be distracting and can prevent you from hearing emergency vehicles sharing the road with you.

8. Avoid lighting up or putting out cigarettes, or dealing with falling ashes while driving.

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