Bathroom Lighting 101

The right lighting for the bathroom is both functional and decorative.

Whether you’re decorating a bathroom for the first time,or you’re remodeling the space, the right lighting can showcase your favorite bathroom items. Bathroom lighting should also serve to illuminate the space properly so that the bathroom can serve its purpose efficiently. Does this Spark an idea?


Large bathrooms will likely need more light than smaller ones. A main wall light, as well as lights around the bathroom or shower space are essential for a big bathroom. Smaller spaces may be properly lit with one main light over the mirror that illuminates the entire room and allows you to see in the mirror clearly.


If you have special items in the bathroom that you want to bring attention to, highlight them with specialty lighting. Shelf lighting that showcases potpourri in exotic colors or small candid photos of flowers is appropriate when space permit, as well as lighting that properly displays a picture on the main wall of the bathroom, like a photo of a tropical flower bouquet, or a portrait of your baby in the bathtub.


Different types of lighting are fitting for the bathroom depending on the feel you want for the space. If you plan in spending time in the bathroom relaxing in the bathtub, install a dimmer for the area around the tub. If there’s a vanity in your bathroom, bright lights all around the mirror will allow you to see clearly while applying makeup or doing your hair, and will make the space more attractive.

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