Become A Fire Engineer

It takes hard work and dedication to become a fire engineer.

Becoming a fire engineer is a challenging and rewarding endeavor. You will learn the application of engineering and scientific principals and their application as related to fire fighting. Fire engineers not only work to prevent, control and mitigate fire hazards, they also assist architects, aerospace engineers and developers in designing projects. In order to attain this position, an individual must not only complete the proper course of study, they must also obtain the proper registration before beginning their career.


1. Apply to a fire engineering program. The University of Maryland has the only fire engineering program recognized by the Accreditation Board for Education and Technology (ABET). The course of study includes subjects such as fire simulations, fire behavior, smoke management, fluid mechanics and fire detection and suppression. As a student, you will also participate in experiments on flames and frame spreads and evacuation analysis.

2. Join a fire department as a volunteer fire fighter. This will give you experience which will complement your fire engineering education. Call your local department (on their non-emergency line) and inquire about the process. Fill out the application and complete the screening process, usually comprised of a background check and a drug test. Once you are accepted you will need to complete a training program.

3. Obtain your fire engineer certification. The areas of testing vary based on your state. You can inquire at your local fire department or at the state department of public safety to determine the exact procedure. Once you pass the test and obtain your certification, you will be a more attractive candidate to departments which will greatly aid in getting a job as a fire engineer.

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4. Write a resume. You are just starting out, so you will not have a large amount of experience, but you will have your education and accreditation. If you have spent time as volunteer firefighter it will only increase your odds. It is a demanding career, but with the proper education and training, you can become a full-time fire engineer.