Brightest Solar Powered Lights

Save energy and cash by getting power through solar lights.

Solar lights is a way to light up your outdoor living space if you are energy conscious and on a budget. According to, “You can find little things around your house that can generate a pretty substantial amount of cash in your pocket by the end of a year: your garage light, your motion sensor lights…spot lights for your trees, you name it!” And if you want extra light, several companies promise their solar powered lights will keep things super bright. Does this Spark an idea?

Paradise Super Bright Solar Lighting

Paradise Super Bright Solar Lighting is listed by Gazebos and Garden Sheds as one of the brightest solar light brands on the market. The garden lights are designed to add to decor and light-up a landscaped area. “Internal batteries are recharged daily by solar cells.” Choose from a variety of path lights that contain bright LED lights and automatically light up at night. Prices vary from $21.99 to $57.99 as of October 2010.

Super Bright High Intensity Solar Spot Light

The Super Bright High Intensity Solar Spot Light contains “12 high power super bright LED bulbs,” making this spotlight “one of the brightest outdoor solar spotlights available on the market,” according to YCA Solar Light Store. The light has both a high and low setting. While the low setting will last for eight to 10 hours, the high setting will last for six hours and provides bright light illumination. The Super Bright High Intensity Solar Spot Light comes with a remote solar panel and is best for lighting trees, flags and driveways. It is priced at $85.99 as of October 2010.

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Plastic Solar Spot Light

“One of the brightest spot lights that we’ve come across is Plastic Solar Spot Light with four bright LEDs,” reports The Plastic Solar Spot Light features rechargeable solar cell batteries, up to 10 hours of light, four LED bulbs and a corrosion resistant exterior. The light is made for gardens and landscapes and is priced at $26.99 as of October 2010.