Brightest Xenon Headlights

Due to their brightness, Xenon bulbs are outlawed in some states.

Xenon bulbs are aftermarket lighting options that can be used on most vehicles regardless of make or model. While Xenon lights come in a variety of styles and colors, not all Xenon lights perform as well as others, with some rating higher in regard to style, colors offered and brightness emitted.

Osram Nightbreaker

According to Headlight Bulbs, a lighting review and consumer product information site, the Osram Nightbreaker is among the best and brightest of all legal Xenon lights available. According to the review, the Osram Nightbreaker topped the list of all bulbs tested in regard to brightness, style and performance when it came to improving the light emmitted from the vehicle’s headlight beam. Reviewers also liked that, because Xenon lights are illegal for use in some states, the Osram Nightbreaker provided excellent lighting quality but stayed limitations that prevented them from causing legal or car insurance woes. Reviewers were also quick to note that the Osram Nightbreaker helped improve the reflection of white street markings, helping to increase safety.

Philips Extreme Power

Another excellent choice when it comes to Xenon lighting upgrades are Philips Extreme Power bulbs. According to the Headlight Bulbs review, Philips Extreme Power bulbs offer increased light, improved reflection off of white street signs and road markings and are manufactured to stay in compliance with all state and insurance regulations. Reviewers also liked that the Philips Extreme Power bulbs were designed for pure light performance, which helps to reduce glare and haze to oncoming vehicles. Reviewers chose the Philips Extreme Power bulbs as one of the best choices for use when driving on public roads.

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Osram Cool Blue

For those who prefer a hint of blue to their head lights, Osram Cool Blue is the best Xenon bulb for use on public roads according to the Headlight Bulbs review and Cool Bulbs, another online automobile lighting information site. According to the reviews, the Osram Cool Blue bulbs offer some of the brightest lighting possible for coated bulbs and do not violate the laws that are put into place to avoid excessive brightness. It is important to note that whenever color coating is applied to bulbs of any color, a reduction of brightness will occur. That being said, reviewers at Headlight Bulbs found that the Osram Cool Blue allows the user to obtain a cool blue shade without sacrificing light.