Build A Strobe Light

Strobe lights can cause seizures in some people so use with caution.

Strobe lights are flashing lights. They are often used in nightclubs, at concerts and at parties. The strobe light can flash quickly or slowly, depending on the desired effect. Multiple strobe lights can create a disorienting feeling for the audience and make it look like there are gaps in time. Strobe lights come in a variety of colors, but are predominately white. Constructing a strobe light at home should cost less than $50. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Purchase or make a 1-foot square wooden box. Leave one side of the box open.

2. Insert a light fixture for a 100 watt bulb into the box. Attach the fixture to the center of the inside bottom of the box with screws.

3. Drill a hole in the floor of the box and run the power cord from the fixture out through the hole.

4. Twist a 100 watt bulb into the fixture.

5. Drill four holes through the plexiglass carefully and screw the plexiglass to the open side of the box. Unscrew the plexiglass when the bulb burns out to replace the bulb.

6. Plug the light’s power cord into a strobe light control switch. The control switch can be purchased from an event lighting supply store. The control switch will regulate what type of strobe the light flashes.

7. Mount the control switch on top of the box. Screw or glue the switch onto the box.

8. Plug the control switch into the outlet. Turn on the control switch and configure the strobe following the instructions that came with the control switch.

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