Build An Alcohol Camp Stove

Building your own alcohol camp stove is an effective way to save money and cut down on the weight of gear for your next camping or backpacking trip. While there are many different approaches to building an alcohol stove, one stands supreme in simplicity, design, cost and weight. Keep the cash in your pocket and look no further than used soda and tuna cans to build this thrifty campers cooking stove.


Construction of Alcohol Camp Stove

1. Remove top lid area of a soda can using a pocket knife or other cutting tool. Make sure the top lip of the can remains intact.

2. Punch holes in the can 1 inch from the bottom and 1 inch apart. Cut one hole large enough to insert a match head for lighting.

3. Punch holes in the top ridge of a soda can 1 inch from top and 1 inch apart.

4. Turn a used tuna can upside down on non-flammable surface.

5. Place the soda can, top up, on top of the tuna can.

6. Fill the soda can 1/4 inch deep with alcohol.

7. Light alcohol by inserting a lit match into the larger hole in the bottom of the soda can. Blue flames will emerge from the top holes of the can and the stove is ready for cooking.

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