Build An Emergency Cabin

Multi-tool pocket knife

For eons humans have survived the outdoors with primitive shelters and structures. Modern civilization and society has caused most of us to forget our outdoor instincts and survival tactics. Creating an emergency shelter is one of the most important things one can do and indeed the first thing they should do if they ever find themselves stranded in the wild. Warmth and protection from the weather and wildlife saves lives. A shelter is the only way to gain any of these securities.


1. Saplings for the shelter

Collect wood and brush immediately. Constructing a good shelter quickly is very important. Find thick wood that is already downed and use your knife to cut saplings, branches, leaves and brush.

2. Make a shovel type instrument with items you can find in your immediate area. Lashing a flat rock to a stick or a branch with a spade shape on one end for example.

3. Dig a trench about 6 feet long and 2 feet deep. Make sure it is at least as long and wide as your body in a laying position. Cover the bottom of the trench with about 4 inches of leaves for cushion and insulation.

4. Cover the trench with the larger and wider wood. Lashing them together with vines or supple bark will keep them in place. Leave an opening at one end large enough for you to enter and exit.

5. Stuff the cracks and voids of the larger wood with the leaves and brush you collected. The better you fill the holes in the structure the more warmth will stay inside it.

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6. Cover the structure with at least 1 foot of leaves and brush. The more insulation the structure has on top the better the protection from the elements and wildlife.

7. Lay the smaller saplings and sticks on top of the leaves and brush. This will help hold them in place in case the wind begins to blow hard or a storm comes.

8. Make a door or hatch to cover the entry hole you left open. Lashing sticks together and covering it with brush works very well. Once you go inside the shelter you can reach back and pull the door over the opening.