Build Led Strobe Lights

A basic strobe light is a just a flashing light. However with the new LED lights available it is possible to change the light color, add additional strobe sources, change the scene and display messages. LED lights can strobe very fast as these have the fastest response time of all lights except lasers. The lights can be fixed in place, portable and programmed for different strobe patterns. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Remove the LED light from its socket. Use a battery to determine which wire is the positive wire. Touch one wire to the positive end of the battery and the other to the negative end. If the LED lights up then you have chosen the correct wire for the positive end. mark this positive wire with a red permanent marker.

2. Solder the resistor to the LED positive wire using electrical wire. To determine the type of resistor needed use a resistor calculator found online. Plug in the LED voltage and the voltage of the power supply and the calculator tells you the type of resistor needed.

3. Solder another wire to the other end of the resistor and trim away any excess with a wire cutter.

4. Solder another length of electrical wire to the other lead on the LED light.

5. Place a length of heat shrink tubing over the exposed wire and resistor. Use a hair dryer to heat shrink the tube. Place another length over the exposed wire on the other LED lead. Shrink this tubing with heat. Make sure you have all bare wire covered as this prevents any short circuits.

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6. Wrap another length of heat shrink tubing over the base of the LED light. Shrink the tubing with heat. This provides additional support and stability to the light.

7. Wire the light into a circuit board that contains lighting effect firmware, one example being the DCx16 controller board from D-lights.