Bulletproof A Car

Maybe you live in a high-crime area and fear stray bullets from drive-by shootings. Perhaps your drive to work takes you through the midst of a terrorist-controlled Middle Eastern country. Maybe you’re a billionaire seeking to protect your assets. Whatever the case, bulletproofing your car is a good idea. After transforming your minivan into a tank, you can smile at runaway shopping carts and make snide faces at even the meanest of carjackers.


1. Install bullet-resistant windows. Layering polycarbonate materials between sections of ordinary glass creates a dense transparent barrier. If you’re feeling aggressive, consider one-way resistant glass that stops bullets from the outside but allows you to shoot back at your attackers from the inside.

2. Armor the exterior. Multi-layered nylon armor is flexible and fits easily between your vehicle’s sheet metal body panels and interior furnishings. This ballistic defense should also be used under the carpet to protect the car’s floor against bomb fragmentation.

3. Use run-flat tires. Some brands contain a rubberized plastic “roller” ring mounted inside the tire, which can operate at high speeds for up to 60 miles. Should your tires be deflated, you’ll still be able to make a quick getaway.

4. Protect your gas tank. Ballistic wrap suppresses explosions that may occur as a result of bullets piercing your fuel reservoir. Anti-explosive fuel tanks are vital components of armored vehicles and can prevent your car from becoming a speeding bomb.

5. Change your battery. Anti-ballistic batteries are generally constructed with dry cells, which offer added security. Should a bullet penetrate a conventional battery, the acid can explode, causing major damage to your engine. Needless to say, if your engine becomes inoperative, you’re little more than a sitting duck in a shooting gallery.

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