Burn New Mexico Pinon Pine Logs

The Pinon Pine aroma is reminiscent of the holidays.

New Mexican Pinon Pines grow high in the mountains surrounding Sante Fe, Taos and the Sandia Peaks. Pinon pine is a conifer and considered a soft-wood. The Pinon Pine aroma is reminiscent of the holidays, and many people get the logs to burn during holiday parties or nights spent with loved ones. As with any fire, care should be taken to ensure the safe burning of the wood. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Assemble a bunch of dry tinder and twigs and set next to the fireplace. Crumple several sheets of newspaper and place them in the center of the fireplace, between the irons.

2. Place the tinder and twigs on top of the newspaper. Place a smaller Pinon log between the irons so it rests above, but not on, the fire starting twigs and paper. Place the fire extinguisher near the fireplace, in case of emergency.

3. Light the tinder and paper on fire. Let the fire begin to build, and add slightly larger tinder to it, under the Pinon logs as it grows. Let the Pinon logs catch fire.

4. Turn the Pinon logs as they burn down. Keep the burning consistent on the log, turning it, with the gloves and poker as it burns down. Add more logs to keep the fire going.

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