Buy Cheap Dry Hiking Foods

Finding and buying cheap dry hiking food means nutritious but lightweight nourishment in the back country. In fact, you may already have many of the foods in your pantry without even knowing it. See what you can do to save money while keeping your belly full during your next hiking trip.


1. Buy trail mix. Trail mix is a cheap and popular dry food for hikers of all ages. You may also purchase the ingredients and make your own custom trail mix at home if you don’t like any of the store varieties.

2. Invest in dried fruit. Dried fruit is a nutritious, healthy snack that can help you during the physical exercise of hiking. While you may be able to purchase dried fruit without any sugar, preservatives or added fat in it, the best dried fruit is made by you at home.

3. Add some crackers or light breads to your hiking menu. These types of foods contain carbohydrates and can fill you up during your hike. Soda crackers, cheese crackers and graham crackers are good choices. You may also try pretzels or chips.

4. Look in the cereal aisle for quick snacks. Choose lightly sweetened fiber or grain-based cereals to be part of your hiking food. Check boxes for high levels of essential vitamins and nutrients.

5. Put some jerky on the menu. Dried meat can be the food that keeps your stomach satisfied the longest. Like other foods, it’s healthier when its dried at home, but you can also purchase them in individual wrappers at the store.

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6. Splurge on some energy or granola bars as a treat. Some energy bars are specially formulated to suit the appetites of athletes, so they’re sure to fill your stomach with essential dietary components. Energy bars have also been known to give an extra boost that can help you finish the hike.