Buy Exit Signs

Exit signs are available from home-improvement stores, specialty sign shops and online sellers. Whether you need an exit sign for a residential building, a business or some other location, look for a sign that’s easily identifiable, practical and durable. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Determine what sign is right for you. Exit signs can be as basic as a printed placard. Others come in different styles and different materials. Your options include: glow-in-the-dark (or luminescent) signs, bulb-lighted signs and LED-lighted signs. Weigh the safety, visibility and practicality aspects of each. For instance, glow-in-the-dark signs are more expensive but also more efficient than lighted signs, because they require no electricity. LED lights last far longer than filament bulbs. And while a bulb-lighted exit sign can burn out suddenly — creating a safety hazard — LED lights fade over time, giving you ample time to fix your exit sign. Both of these signs require electrical power, however, and therefore can be vulnerable to outages. Luminescent signs are lighted through chemicals and don’t use external power.

2. Price exit signs relative to your budget. LED exit signs are fairly inexpensive and readily available. Costs vary from $20 to $100. If you’re looking for non-electrical luminescent signs, costs could be in the hundreds of dollars. A simple, printed sign is inexpensive, often under $5.

3. Think green. Consider the environment when purchasing your sign. Luminescent signs are non-radioactive, eco-friendly and last for years. They work by storing light energy and releasing it in the dark. A drawback is that you can’t recycle this type of sign.

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4. Go online or visit a local home-improvement or signage store. Once you’ve determined the type of signs you’re looking for, do some comparison shopping. If ordering online, keep in mind the costs of shipping and handling. Specialty sign shops may offer better variety than chain home-improvement stores but may also be more expensive.

5. Purchase your signs. Some online sites offer volume discounts —, for example.