Buy The Best Flashlight

With so many flashlights around, from the LED flashlight to the shake flashlight to the rechargeable flashlight, it becomes hard to know what exactly is available, where, and for how much. Read on to learn find and buy the best flashlight.


1. Decide on the power source of your flashlight. There are flashlights which require the standard AAA, AA, C, or D batteries, and then there are flashlights that are rechargeable. There are a large variety of standard flashlights available, and they’re usually less expensive than rechargeable flashlights. Rechargeable, on the other hand, save you the effort of constantly buying and replacing old batteries. If you happen to hate batteries, or you just don’t want a battery-powered flashlight–you’re in luck. With the shake flashlight, you just shake it, and you’re ready to go.

2. Choose the light bulb you want your flashlight to have. The most common light bulbs are incandescent and LED. Flashlights that use incandescent bulbs produce less light output per watt, so they need a larger bulb to produce the same amount of light as an LED. Flashlights that use LED bulbs produce more light output per watt, resulting in a great savings of battery power, and a longer-lasting flashlight. The best way to compare the brightness of an incandescent and LED is to look at the lumen rating of the flashlight, which is the measure of how bright the flashlight is. A more uncommon bulb is the HID. Compared to an incandescent bulb, the HID is brighter, lasts longer, and is more shock resistant at the cost of being bulkier and more expensive.

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3. Consider what kind of environment you’ll be using your flashlight in. Do you want a large, bulky flashlight, or will a small one be sufficient? Does your flashlight need to be waterproof? Determine how long you’ll be carrying the flashlight in your hand, and whether or not a comfortable grip is important. Do you need an ultra-sturdy flashlight, or will a cheaper one work just as well? Some flashlights build extra bulbs into the flashlight. Decide if you want an extra bulb handy, or maybe even a flashlight that uses multiple bulbs. Is color or style important? Cross off any flashlights that don’t meet your criteria for the perfect flashlight.

4. Find the best deals on flashlights. Search the internet using phrases like “buy flashlight,” “best flashlights,” or simply “flashlight,” and browse through the results. Also search for some of the popular varieties of flashlights, including Maglite, Dorcy, Streamlight, Garrity, Surefire, and Pelican flashlights. Never give up until you’ve found the perfect flashlight.