Camp On A Pontoon Boat

Camping on a pontoon boat may seem a bit strange at first, but it actually makes sense, especially if you are tight on space or just don’t want to hassle with other campers at a public campground. A pontoon enables you to either camp on the water or simply beach the boat and spend the night on the shore. There are several options when camping on a pontoon — from buying a fully covered enclosure to pitching a small pup tent on board. If it is going to be a particularly nice night, you might want to sleep under the stars.


1. Load the pontoon with the sleeping bags, inflatable mattress, charcoal grill and charcoal, lighter fluid, food and beverages.

2. Prepare your sleeping arrangements at dusk. Lay out the mattress and sleeping bags on the large, flat floor of the pontoon.

3. Determine whether you will be using the full camper cover, a tent or no cover. If you are using the full camper cover (suggested in areas with lots of mosquitoes), erect it and put out any charcoal that may be smoldering. Pitch a small tent on a pontoon boat by tying the grommets directly to the lower railing of the tent to eliminate the need for tent stakes.

4. Light the fire pit. Turn on the running lights of the pontoon as it is illegal to be on the water after dusk without them.

5. Determine if this is the spot you want to spend the night. If it is, drop anchor. If not, cruise to the area you wish to spend the night. Beach the boat or find an area in the shallows and drop anchor.

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