Ceiling Fan Light Kit Installation

The light kit attaches to the bottom of the ceiling fan assembly after the removal of the decorative plate.

Adding a light to a ceiling fan improves the lighting in a room. In many cases, the fan replaces a ceiling light fixture. By adding the light kit to the fan, the room lighting of the original ceiling fixture is not lost. Many of the same tools and skills necessary for the installation of the ceiling fan are used to install a light kit. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Turn off the electrical power to the circuit for the ceiling fan. Confirm the power is off by turning on the switch for the fan.

2. Open the base or box at the bottom of the fan assembly. This is held in place with one or more screws. Check to see if the light kit is compatible with the ceiling fan. The screw holes in the light base should line up with the screw openings in the base of the fan assembly.

3. Connect the wires of the light kit to the wires in the fan base. Twist like colored wires in each segment together with pliers. Tighten a wire nut, a copper lined insulated connector over the twisted wires, by turning the wire nut clockwise.

4. Push the wires into the base of the fan while lifting the light kit assembly into place. Fasten the light kit to the base of the fan using the screws provided with the light kit.

5. Test the kit by restoring power to the fan assembly. Check the operation of both the fan and light.

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