Change A Turn Signal Switch

Change a malfunctioning switch

Burned out bulbs, blown fuses and failed flasher components are among the most common failures in turn signal circuits. However, the turn signal switch also may fail after years of service and needs to be replaced. Change the most common types of signal switches with the use of a few common tools you might already have in your toolbox.


1. Park your car in a safe place, open the hood and disconnect the black, negative battery cable.

2. Remove the dashboard lower cover from underneath the steering column using a Phillips screwdriver or ratchet and socket.

3. Remove the knee bolster from underneath the steering column using a ratchet and socket.

4. Loosen the bolts securing the steering column to the support bracket so you have access to remove the upper steering column cover. Do not remove the bolts from the bracket if it is not necessary. Use a ratchet and socket. On some vehicles, the upper cover comes right off as you remove the lower steering column cover.

5. Lift the upper cover off the steering column.

6. Remove the turn signal switch mounting screws using a Phillips screwdriver; then unplug the switch electrical connector and remove the switch off the vehicle. If you do not see the switch mounting screws, remove the switch lever by pulling it straight out.

7. Remove the top foam shield from the switch and disconnect the electrical connectors from the switch. Unscrew the switch mounting screws using a Phillips screwdriver and work the switch off the housing and remove if from the steering column.

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8. Set the new signal switch in place and install the mounting screws and plug the electrical connector; install the foam shield and switch lever if you removed them.

9. Install the steering column upper cover and tighten the column bracket mounting bolts; install the knee bolster and lower cover underneath the steering column and connect the black, negative battery cable.