Change An Abs Module

The ABS module is the part of a vehicle that controls the anti-lock braking system in almost all vehicles, especially newly-manufactured vehicles. It is on the firewall and comes as a part of the power pump assembly. It is attached to the vehicle by Torx screws. It is possible for an ABS module to short out or malfunction. Save money by purchasing the new part and replacing it yourself.


1. Set the parking brake on your vehicle. Place a wooden block behind one of the rear tires to prevent it from rolling at all. As an additional measure of protection, engage your emergency brake. Loosen the lug nuts on the front driver-side tire.

2. Use the jack to lift the vehicle in the air by placing the jack under the axle by the front driver’s side tire. Lower the vehicle until it is sitting on the stand.

3. Remove the lug nuts completely using the tire tool and remove the tire from the hub.

4. Unfasten the 11 Torx screws along the plastic fender liner, located on the inside of the wheel well, to remove the plastic fender lines –these are behind the tire in the void area of the vehicle’s frame.

5. Locate the windshield washer bottle inside the engine compartment after you remove the fender liner. It is above the wheel well inside the engine compartment. Unfasten the three bolts that secure it, using a nut driver.

6. Place the plastic drain pan on the ground beneath the windshield water bottle. Remove the rubber hose that connects to the bottle using your hand and rake the bottle off the firewall.

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7. Find the ABS module, which is behind where the windshield washer bottle was on the firewall. Unfasten the electrical wiring harness, using your hand, and unplug the power pump wire.

8. Unfasten the remaining six Torx screws to remove it from the entire pump assembly. Remove the ABS module from the engine compartment and place your new one in.