Change Bulbs On Attwood Bow Lights

Since 1905, Attwood Marine Products has manufactured parts and accessories for commercial mariners and recreational boaters. One of the products they produce, are navigation lights, which are sometimes referred to as running lights. If the bulb(s) have failed on your boat’s red/green bicolor bow light, or separate red and green bow lights, they must be replaced. Operating your boat at night without proper navigational lights is a violation of U.S. Coast Guard regulations. Fortunately, this is an easy task to perform, requiring only a couple of common tools.


1. Remove the cover screw using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Then remove the stainless steel lens cover and plastic lens. If the lens proves difficult to dislodge, gently pry it off the base gasket using the blade of the small slotted screwdriver. Perform this action carefully, so you do not damage the gasket.

2. Remove the failed bulb by rotating it one-eighth turn counterclockwise, pulling it slightly forward as you do.

3. Align the pins on the sides of the replacement bayonet-base bulb with the slots in the lamp socket. Slip the replacement bulb into the socket and rotate it one-eighth turn clockwise, pressing it slightly backward as you do.

4. Reinstall the plastic lens and stainless steel lens cover atop the base gasket. This will maintain the watertight seal.

5. Reinstall the cover screw using the Phillips-head screwdriver.

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