Checklist For A Special Emergency Power System Generator Inspection

Checklists are important tools during inspections.

Emergency power generators often require constant maintenance and upkeep to ensure a safe and working system. Inspectors must run a checklist over all connections, functions and testing mechanisms prior to installation and during the life of the system, according to the state of Minnesota website. Additionally, all inspections must abide by rules and standards established by the National Fire Protection Association. Does this Spark an idea?

Checklist Basics

Emergency generators are often required for buildings, such as hospitals, fitted with critical care or life-support systems. In this case, inspectors must note an arrangement of issues dealing with mechanics and people. Specifically, generator classification specifications must be identified along with who conducts generator testing and under what conditions devices are tested. Furthermore, wire connections and battery power must be observed along with identifying expertise prerequisites for staff that wiill oversee the generators.

Emergency Power Supply

All elements of the emergency power supply must be inspected since special emergency generators are conjoined with standard power systems. Specifically, dimensions of all generator hardware should be measured to ensure proper fitting, and power capacities must be tested to prevent overcharges of electricity. Over-current protections must be inspected for proper functioning, and terminal connections must ensure safe and smooth transfers of power.

Fuel and Cooling Inspection

Fuel and cooling mechanisms must be inspected on a weekly basis. Inspections should note that fuel is sufficiently in place and that all pipe and hose connections are secured. Fuel lines also must be inspected for proper pressure, leakages or blockages. Additionally, coolant levels must be appropriately maintained and cooling systems must be checked for water heater, fan, pipe, hose or fan disruptions.

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