Choose A Portable Generator

Choose a Portable Generator

Portable generators have the ability to light up a room during a power outage and so much more. So no matter if you are preparing to provide emergency power for your home or you are planning to camp some where off the beat and track, choosing the best portable generator for you and your needs is easy if you follow these steps. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Wattage: Portable generators are available in a large range of wattage ranges and calculating the minimum wattage you need your portable generator to handle is easy if you access the free online wattage calculator I have included a link to in the resources section. Take a minute to add the wattage requirements for your appliances and lights and jot it down to ensure that you don’t consider one that will not meet your requirements.

2. Fuel Usage and Run Time: When you are choosing the perfect portable generator for you, you will also need to determine if the stated run time and fuel usage works for you. Every manufacturer will state the approximate run time for each model it offers but be sure to check the load size that they used to calculate it and compare that wattage with the wattage you requirements you calculated in step 1. You also need to choose between using approximately 12-18 gallons of gasoline per day or perhaps choosing a portable generator than runs on propane.

3. Price: Now that you know what you need from a portable generator you can compare prices for your specific wattage and fuel needs by using one of the popular consumer search sites listed in the resources or stop by the local hardware store for a comparison on what is available locally. Finding just what you need should be easy when you know exactly what you need to provide power for. There are hundreds of makes and models available so go out and get the best one at the best price for you.

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