Clean A Dull Headlight Lens

Polycarbonate headlight covers fade with age and sunlight exposure.

Your vehicle headlights light up your way when driving at night or in poor weather conditions. Covering the vehicle headlights are polycarbonate lenses that protect them from damage. During use, sunlight, age and road debris cause the lenses to yellow. This reduces the distance your headlights project light. Polishing years of fading from your polycarbonate lenses increases the safety of your vehicle.


1. Place masking tape on the body panels surrounding each dull headlight.

2. Secure a buffing wheel drill attachment into the chuck of a drill motor. Fasten a buffing pad to the end of the buffing wheel attachment.

3. Apply plastic polish to the buffing pad. Buff the surface of each headlight until each has an even coating.

4. Clean the haze from the headlights with a microfiber towel. Inspect the surface of the headlights for remaining haze or scratches.

5. Soak a piece of 1000-grit sandpaper in a bucket of clean water. Allow the sandpaper to soak for 30 to 40 minutes.

6. Sand each headlight with the soaked sandpaper. Move the sandpaper in a uniform direction. Soak the sandpaper in the clean water for 10 minutes. Sand each headlight in a direction 90 degrees to the first sanding direction.

7. Rinse the headlights with clean water.

8. Polish each headlight to remove any remaining scratches. Wipe each headlight with a microfiber towel.

9. Remove the masking tape from the body panels.

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