Configure A Linksys Ata For Voip

Linksys ATA

The linksys PAP2 is an analog telephone adapter (ata) that is a hardware version of a softphone. You can configure the ata for your voip service and plug in a standard phone, instead of having to use an earpiece through your pc.


1. First, connect the ata to your router or switch with an ethernet cable. The ata has one ethernet port and two phone ports. Use a rj-11 phone cord to connect a phone to line one of the adapter. Plug the device into a power source. A blue led should light up.

2. Set the device to factory defaults by picking up the phone that is connected to the ata and pressing ****73738#

Press 1 to confirm when prompted. The device will reboot. Hang up the phone.

3. Pick up the phone again and enter configuration menu again by pressing the asterisk (*) four times. Then enter 110# to get the ip address of your adapter and write it down. Hang up.

4. Open up the configuration menu in a web browser by entering the ip address you just wrote down, e.g. Once in, click on “Admin Login”, then click on “switch to advanced view“. You will not need a password since we set the device to factory defaults. We will set the password now.

5. Go to “System” and enter a password for both user and admin. You cannot change the user names, they will always be “user” and “admin”. Save Settings. The device will reboot and you will be prompted to log in using the user/password you just set. Log back in as admin and stay in advanced view.

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6. Next select “Line 1”. Look to the left hand pane, and go to the “Nat Settings” Section. Set NAT Mapping Enable to Yes. Set NAT Keep Alive Enable to Yes. Scroll down to “Proxy and Registration”. In the proxy field, enter your voice over ip proxy server. Under “Make Call Without Reg” enter Yes. Scroll down to “Subscriber Information”. In the User name and password field, enter your voip user name and password. Save Settings and the device will reboot.

7. Select “Info” from the top and scroll to status. At this point, line one should be on and the registration state active. This means you are ready to make calls. Pick up the phone and dial as you always do.