Connect A Relay Flasher On A Car

A bad flasher can make your turn signals go dead.

On most vehicles, the turn signal and emergency lights share the same circuit, electrical connections and light bulbs. This means that if your turn signal is not working, probably your emergency lights are not either, making you unsafe on the road. However, replacing the flasher unit on your vehicle requires only unplugging the failed flasher and plugging the new one.


1. Locate the relay flasher on your car. Depending on your particular vehicle, you may find the flasher in the fuse box. This could be located in the engine compartment or the kick panel, under the dashboard on the driver side. Most relays will be identified on the inside cover of the fuse box. Still, on some other vehicles you will have to remove the under cover of the steering column to find this relay.

2. Lift the fuse box cover with your hand if the relay is located in there; or remove the steering column undercover using a Phillips screwdriver, if your relay is located in this section.

3. Unplug the relay flasher from the fuse box by hand. If your relay is located under the dashboard, carefully pull the flasher from the electrical connector with your hands.

4. Plug the new relay flasher on the fuse box or electrical connector.

5. Close the fuse box lid or replace the steering column undercover using the screwdriver.

6. Turn the ignition key to the Run position but do not start the engine.

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7. Turn on the turn signal, left or right, and make sure it is working properly. Then turn it off.

8. Turn on the emergency lights and make sure they are working properly. If not, locate the other emergency relay flasher and replace it following the same steps.