Convert Your Household Light Bulbs Over To Led

LED bulbs previously were used for flashlights and outer lights only. But people noticed that they took up less energy than regular incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs, and they also lasted longer. Converting your household to LED light bulbs helps you reduce pollution and decrease cost—not only due to the less number of times you have to buy a bulb, but the reduction in power means you pay less on your electric bill. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Make a list of every lamp in your house with a regular light bulb. Be sure to count the amount of light bulbs each lamp has, as well as the wattage of each bulb (such as a 65- or 75-watt bulb.)

2. Purchase an amount of LED bulbs equal to the amount of bulbs you counted. Be sure to make sure the watts are the same as the bulbs you are replacing.

3. Replace each of the bulbs in the lamp with the LED bulbs. Be sure to unplug each lamp before working on the bulbs. Repeat this step for each light fixture with bulbs you have.

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