Copy A File To A Floppy Disk

You can copy a file from your hard drive, from a CD or from any other storage media that you are using and put it on a floppy disk. This allows you to transport files from one computer to another. These instructions are for Windows 98 and the Mac.


Windows 98

1. Insert a disk into your floppy disk drive.

2. Right-click on My Computer and choose Explore. A window will appear containing icons for all the drives or storage devices that are installed in your computer.

3. Locate the file you want to copy. Double-click or click on the plus sign next to the drives and folders to open them. The contents of the folder or drive appear in the window pane on the right.

4. Drag the file to the A: drive (floppy disk).

5. Press the button on the disk drive to eject the disk. (Don’t press the button while the light is on.)


6. Insert the floppy disk into your disk drive. An icon representing the drive will appear on your desktop.

7. Locate the file that you want to copy.

8. Drag the file into the disk’s icon on the desktop.

9. When you are finished, drag the disk’s icon into the Trash to eject the disk.

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