Deep Freezer Problems With Maintaining Temperature

Repair minor problems with your deep freezer to avoid fees.

A deep freezer provides you with extra freezer space, especially to store large meat items. These freezers are typically larger than standard independent freezer units, but they work the same way. The freezer moves compressed gas around your foods via tubes and an expansion valve. The temperature of the gas drops as it goes through the expansion valve. If your freezer is not working properly or not getting cool, troubleshoot these issues on your own to save money. Does this Spark an idea?

Not Cooling

If your deep freezer isn’t cooling enough, verify that the doors of the unit are completely closed. If the doors aren’t closing, move any items that are blocking the doors. Check the door gaskets, and see if food particles or frost has built up on them. Clean the gaskets with a warm, damp cloth. Examine the door gaskets, and see if they are brittle or falling off. You must replace the door gaskets if this is the case. Lower the temperature setting if it’s too high. Allow several hours for the freezer to cool down if you have just added a lot of food. If your deep freezer is in the self-defrost cycle, let it finish the cycle. If it’s still not getting warm, you may have a problem with an internal component like the compressor. Get help from a service repair technician.

Operational Issues

Your deep freezer won’t turn on or cool if the temperature control setting is turned to the “Off” position. Turn it on. Verify that the freezer power cord fits completely into the wall outlet. If you are experiencing a power outage, you must wait for the power to come back on. Leave the freezer door closed if the power is out to keep cold air from escaping. Your home either has two fuses or a circuit break. Examine both fuses, and replace if blown out. Reset the circuit breaker if tripped. If your freezer never cycles off, raise the set point to a higher temperature. If it still doesn’t shut off, then you may have a problem with your thermostat. Your freezer runs more often during warmer days. Verify that you have enough clearance for proper circulation.

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Food Defrosting

If your food is defrosting in your freezer, your freezer is too warm. See if it’s turned on and not turned to the “Off” position. Refrain from opening the doors too often.Check that the power cord has not come loose or disconnected. Turn the freezer temperature to a lower setting. Examine the circuit breaker or fuses.

Additional Issues

If the light won’t turn on, change out the bulb if burnt out. Moisture may form on the outside of the cabinet when your ambient room temperature is very warm or if the doors aren’t completely closed. Clean your freezer if it has an odor, and always properly package food items.If your freezer is noisy, see if it’s vibrating. This means that the floor is weak, and you must stabilize the floor. Always install the leveling legs, and keep the freezer away from the door. If you hear a noise inside the refrigerator, check the circulating fan, and replace it if not working correctly. If you hear a noise at the back of the freezer, it may be the condenser fan. Clean it, or change it out if broken. If it’s the compressor, call for service.