Directions For Real Frye Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts are controlled by a power switch and pilot light.

Peterson Real Frye ceramic gas log inserts are designed for ceramic gas fireplaces, outdoor campfires and fire pits. The log inserts are available in a variety of sizes and colors and produce less pollution than firewood. The gas log inserts should be installed by a gas fireplace professional as both electric and gas connections are necessary, and improper connections could result in injury, fire or possibly dangerous fuel leaks. Once the insert is properly installed and the fireplace or fire pit assembled correctly, lighting or turning off the gas fireplace insert is relatively simple. Does this Spark an idea?


Lighting the Pilot Light

1. Smell around the fireplace for a gas scent, which may indicate a gas leak. Do not try to light the fireplace if you smell gas. Leave the house and contact emergency services or your gas company for help.

2. Open the fireplace control panel and push in the gas control valve lightly. Turn the gas valve toward the right until positioned at “Off.”

3. Open the glass assembly on applicable fireplace models.

4. Step back and allow five minutes to pass so that gas can clear the lines. Smell again for gas and leave the home if you smell gas after five minutes.

5. Adjust the gas control knob to the left until positioned at “Pilot” and then push in the control knob. Hold down the control knob while pressing the piezo button, which is red or black. Press the piezo button several times while holding in the control knob.

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6. Keep holding down the control knob for a minute after the pilot light ignites, then turn the control knob to “On” and shut the access panel and the glass assembly.

7. Switch the fireplace on using the “On/Off” switch or the connected wall switch.

Turning Off the Pilot Light

8. Shut off electrical power to the gas fireplace.

9. Open the access panel and turn the main fireplace power to “Off.”

10. Press in and turn the gas control knob to “Off” and close the access panel.