Dismantle The Nissan Armada Front Grille

Dismantling the Nissan Armada‘s front grille will require a long-necked screwdriver.

You may need to dismantle the grill on your vehicle so you can do repairs, or replacements, or gain better access to the engine. Whatever your motivation, you can have the front grille of your Nissan Armada off within a half an hour with minimal tools. Special screw-in clips hold the front grille on this kind of vehicle. To detach the grille, you must simply rotate these clips so they loosen their grip on the grille.


1. Open the hood of your Armada, and prop it open.

2. Look at the backside of your grille, and locate the square-headed clips that hold the grill in place. You will find these clips on the metal part that runs across the front of the vehicle, on the same part as the hood release. Your Armada will have four of these clips; their heads will resemble a diamond when in a locked position and a square when unlocked.

3. Insert the tip of a long-necked slotted screwdriver into the head of one of these clips. Rotate the screwdriver counterclockwise one-quarter of a turn so the diamond rotates and sits as a square. This rotation will loosen the clip but not fully remove it.

4. Position yourself so you can see between the front grille and the bumper. Find three more clips, and repeat Step 3 to release these.

5. Look on each side of the grille for two more clips, and loosen these as well.

6. Grab the sides of the grille, and pull it away from the Armada. If you have turned all of the clips properly, it should release with a good yank. If not, go back and check that you have properly rotated all clips.

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