Diy Electric Led Lamp

LED lights can be used to create a camping or emergency lantern when combined in an array.

A do-it-yourself LED electric lamp is a helpful tool to keep around for camping and power outages or as a secondary light source. A DIY LED lamp is also a great hands-on learning project for parents to do with their children who are learning about basic electricity theory, since concepts such as series circuit, switches and batteries will come into play. A DIY electric LED lamp can also add an artistic aspect to the activity due to the fact that builders will be able to choose which craft store candle lantern case to use as a base frame.


1. Solder the LEDs into a series circuit by soldering the end of each LED’s electrical lead to its neighboring LEDs lead, forming a chain. Solder a length of copper wire to each end of the LED series circuit. To solder, hold soldering iron in the right hand after switching it on, using it to apply heat to the connection area while feeding soldering wire with the left hand. For further soldering instructions, refer to the soldering iron’s user manual.

2. Drill a corresponding number of holes to LED lights in the plastic lid of a soda bottle cap, using the awl attachment on the multitool. Insulate the LED electrical leads by wrapping exposed metal with electrical tape to prevent short circuits. Insert each LED through the hole in the inside of the cap to form a support for the LED array.

3. Solder the electrical switch into a series with the main circuit and solder a length of copper wire to the second switch contact point. Solder the two unconnected copper wire leads to the electrical contacts of the prefabricated battery holding case.

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4. Bend back the metal of the craft candle holder lantern using the multitool pliers and insert the switch into the mounting hole. Apply superglue to the connecting surfaces and tape the switch into place using electrical tape. The electrical tape can be left on or removed after the glue has had time to set.

5. Tea candle lanterns available at most craft stores make a great base for an LED lamp.

Glue the LED array to the platform within the candle lantern where the candle would normally sit with superglue and reinforce it with electrical tape. Glue the pre-fabricated battery holding case inside the lantern case on the bottom and against the outer wall as unobtrusively as possible with superglue, and reinforce it with electrical tape. Allow the superglue to dry as specified on its packaging instructions.

6. Install the battery by placing it into the prefabricated battery holding case and switch on the LED lamp.