Diy Led Light System

LEDs are bright yet low-energy.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are electric lights made of semiconductors that emit an impressive amount of light from a relatively small amount of electric current. LEDs are very cheap, making them ideal for situations that call for localized, colorful or portable lights. Many ready-to-use LED light systems are available commercially, but you can save money and create your own customized LED installations by buying the components yourself and wiring them together at home.


1. Solder the longer leg of one LED to the shorter leg of another using the soldering iron. The longer leg is called the anode, and the shorter the cathode. If you need the LEDs separated from each other, cut a piece of wire to length, strip the ends, then solder it to the respective legs of the LEDs to make the connection.

2. Solder the anode of the second LED to the cathode of the third, increasing the distance between them with a piece of wire if desired as before.

3. Solder the cathode of the first LED to either leg of the resistor. At this point, provided the connected components are flexible enough, you can touch the free leg of the resistor to the negative terminal of the 9V battery (the larger one) and the remaining free LED leg to the positive terminal to verify that the LEDs light up.

4. Solder the remaining lead on the resistor to the negative wire on the 9V snap connector (the black wire), and the remaining leg of the third LED to the positive (red) wire, extending the connections with extra wire as necessary depending on the physical layout of your circuit.

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5. Connect the snap connector onto the 9V battery to turn on the lights, and unsnap it to turn them off. The battery should take a long time to drain, and can be replaced when exhausted. If you don’t need as much portability or intend to leave the lights on indefinitely, use the positive and negative leads from a 9V AC/DC transformer instead of the battery, and plug your lights into a wall socket in your home.