Diy Led Lightbar

LED lights are a bright, inexpensive type of ornamentation.

LED lights are useful in applications including automotive ornamentation, photography and interior d cor. They are cool, energy efficient and give off a clear, bright light, producing 100 lumens per watt. LED lights can be purchased in any number of colors. A grouping of LED lights can be installed as a unit, which can take any number of shapes, including a single-row bar, which is perfect for an extra turn signal effect on a truck.


1. Purchase a trailer light plug that fits your vehicle. The instructions on the package will show you install it on your particular vehicle.

2. Slice around the insulation on each of the wires on the LED light strip about 3/8 of an inch from the end and strip the insulation off. Strip the insulation off the white, green and yellow wires on the plug. If there is a brown wire, ignore it. Attach each LED wire to its trailer plug wire of the same color. Twist each pair of wires together and secure each pair with a twist-on wire nut.

3. Attach one wire from each LED bar to the white (ground) wire on the plug. Attach a wire from one bar to the yellow wire on the plug and attach a wire from the other bar to the green.

4. Plug the combination in on the truck according to the directions that came with the plug. Test the light bars with the turn signal. They should turn on with the tail lights on the truck.

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5. Peel off the covering on the double-sided tape and stick it on the backs of the light strips. Peel off the covering on the other side and attach the light strips to the top of the truck bumper. Press down firmly to be sure the strips adhere properly.