Drive With Hazard Lights On

Drive With Hazard Lights On

Hazard lights are a a feature on most automobiles that make the car’s lights flash continuously in order to indicate an emergency or hazard. As the name suggests, these lights should only be used in hazardous situations. For instance, if you have car trouble and have pulled off the side of the road, you should always put your hazard lights on. They will warn other vehicles that you are stopped on the side of the road. They can also signal to emergency personnel that you need assistance.


1. Locate the hazard light switch in your vehicle. Typically, it is behind the steering wheel on the top of the steering column.

2. Firmly press the hazard light switch down. It should click into place.

3. Look at your dashboard light indicators. Both turn signal lights should begin to flash on and off together in unison. Your hazard lights are now on.

4. Begin to drive slowly. When your hazard lights are on and your vehicle is moving, it indicates to other drivers that your vehicle is moving slower than normal. If you are driving on a road with more than one lane, stay in the far right lane. Slower traffic should always stay in the far right lane.

5. Turn off the hazard lights once you have reached your destination by firmly pressing down on the hazard light switch. Look at your dashboard light indicators to verify your turn signals have stopped flashing.

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