Emergency Exit Sign Requirements

Exit signs need to be clearly marked.

When you have a place of business, you need to make sure that every exit door is clearly marked so that it can be easily found in case of an emergency. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has set out clear emergency exit sign requirements and specifies certain regulations on its website.


The exit areas need to be lighted so that it is easily seen in an emergency. You don’t want people to be searching for an exit door when one is needed.

Exit Sign

Each exit door must be marked with a sign with the words “EXIT” clearly printed on it. Make sure nothing is hung in front to block them. The letters must be at least six inches tall.

Not An Exit

Any door that is not an exit door must be clearly marked as such. This prevents people from trying to leave the building there and becoming trapped.

Brightness of the Sign

The exit sign must be lit at about five foot-candles or 54 lux, specifies the OSHA website. If the exit light is electroluminescent, then it may be less bright but still visible.

The Paint

The paint or finish on the sign needs to be maintained to make sure it stays fire resistant. If necessary, redo the finish at regular intervals.

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