Emergency Preparedness & Oil Lamps

Brass and glass oil lamp

Avoid calamity by being prepared for home emergencies. Power blackouts are common in most of the United States. Brownout or blackout from an excessive drain on the power supply; devastating tornadoes, hurricanes and blizzards take down power lines; and lightning knocks out transformers. Wise homeowners prepare in advance for the disasters they can anticipate. An adequate water and food supply, emergency shelter and medications are absolute necessities in any survival kit. Many home owners maintain a supply of old-fashioned oil lamps to provide needed lighting in an emergency. Does this Spark an idea?

Types Of Oil Lamps

Used for centuries in cultures around the world, there are literally thousands of different oil lamp designs and sizes. Brass, copper, stainless steel, glass and ceramic have been crafted by lamp artisans into unique lighting vessels. Since 2000 B.C. people have used oil lamps in stables, palaces, ships, factories and homes. Modern homeowners have a choice of styles designed for safety and function.

Hanging or Wall Oil Lamps

To light the interior of your home during a power outage, hanging oil lamps with downward reflectors will cast light into the darkest corners of a room. Since they are hanging, there is no danger of them being knocked off of a table or dropped. Brass or copper hanging lights are available in sizes from 10 to 22 inches. The metal and glass design is very attractive. Wall lamps made of metal and a glass globe have reflectors/wall protectors that radiate a warming light. Antique enthusiasts love vintage lamps, but quality replica lights are available at home supply or hardware stores for a reasonable price. Fill your lamps and make sure the wicks are properly installed to ensure operation during an outage.

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Commonly Used

Hanging oil lamp

Although some homeowners may stock oil lamps for use in an emergency, they are widely used daily around the world. People who do not have an adequate source of electric power, those living off the grid and groups such as the Amish who do not believe in the use of electricity count on the light provided by oil lamps to conduct their daily lives. They are an attractive, safe and cost effective replacement for candles.

Approved Lamp Oils

Use only clear lamp oil. Dyed or colored oils burn poorly, clog the wick and may damage or stain the lamp. You can burn citronella oil, cut 50/50 with kerosene, outdoors. The citronella oil burns brightly and wards off mosquitoes.

Lamp Usage Warnings

Never use liquid candle wax, gasoline, paint thinner, wood alcohol, diesel, turpentine, mineral spirits or white gas in any type of wick lantern. You should never use aviation fuel. Anti-freeze additives in the fuel can be fatal if inhaled.