Find Government Grants To Pay Off Bills

Researching for us government grants.

Can you really find a grant to pay off debt and credit cards? Many people ask this question, after seeing TV commercials or internet advertisements promoting promising information about clearing debt with grants. No getting grants to pay off bills is not a scam, but just like most things on TV it is perceived different then it really is. After watching a commercial for grant finding products many consumers are under the understanding that they will get money to pay off the credit card and bad debt just by filling out a few papers or making a few calls. This assumption is incorrect, read the steps below to get a better perception on what to expect when buying such products or where to start researching to find your own grants. Remember you do not have to buy into any grant finding products to qualify for a grant, government grants are free.


1. Get out your social security card, birth certificate, tax papers for the past three years, and papers on things you own like a house or car. You will also need the same information on all the people that resides in your household, regardless of age or relation (unless they pay rent). If they pay rent you may have to include the rent payments as income.

2. Before going any further, you must understand there is not a grant labeled specifically to pay off debts and credit cards. If you were to go into a government office and ask for such a grant you will find yourself quickly out in the cold. This is where I believe many advertisement’s mislead. You must look at your credit card’s individual expenditures to qualify purchases not the actual bill itself.

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3. Most grant programs that help pay bills are state and county ran, so it would be impossible to state specific contact information in this article for everyone. If you choose to purchase a list of information about your specific interest or residential area make sure to read the small prints. You will find lists that will be anywhere from $5 to $80, but they are usually the same lists. However you could get the same information by doing a little phone work for free by visiting your state’s webpage. Also see

4. Hospital bills: The best place to start is at the hospital and ask to talk to the patient advocate, they will help find any funds that are available through the hospital. Also check with Family Services to determine if your bill can be payed with emergency Medicaid funds through County Assistance. Low income families may be eligible for direct state assistance programs while others may qualify for clinics that are paid by a sliding fee scale. Sliding fees are determined by how much a family can afford to pay for a service, and is usually very small. To find out more about similar programs contact your local health department. Current bills may be eligible for reduction. Hint: It is best to do your research before paying any of your bill, after paying a portion of the bill your resources are usually cut in half.

5. Regular Shopping expenditures: While you will not find grants or assistance programs that will pay for daisy dukes (unless it is a uniform requirement), you may qualify for funds to pay for uniforms for work through the local career center or school through family services. A person who is disabled who is looking to find work may also find free money to get a whole new wardrobe to change professions with programs such as the Vocational Rehabilitation program. While they probably will not pay off a bill, participating in programs like the salvation army will give you clothes if you meet income guide lines to prevent debt.

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6. Debt due to education: It is fairly well known that there are many government programs to setup to help the disadvantage, but their are also programs to help the economy find the next “leader and doctors” of tomorrow. For government programs going to your college financial adviser may be all that you need, but to find heavy private grants you may need to research through the internet and library.

7. Dept due to dependent expenses: While most families daycare expenses are deducted from taxable income every year, families that are below 130% above poverty level may be eligible for additional assistance. Look for more information at your local family services or Economic Development Center for information for other funds with adoption, buying school supplies, and other necessities.

8. Debt due to daily living expenses: “Nine hundred dollars a month for the rest of your life to pay off any bills” is the line that is usually used. This is the information I believe that is stretched a little to far in advertisements. When a program states this, they are usually talking about social security or a disability check that helps people that are disabled and not able to earn more then $900 a month. The information given is simply go to your local social security office.