Fire Theme Party Ideas

Fire Theme Party Ideas

For decades, children have been fascinated with firefighters. Fire-theme birthday parties are great for kids who love all things fire. If you have a child who you think may someday be a firefighter, a firefighting party theme will be perfect. With a few simple ideas, you should be able to turn up the heat on you child’s next birthday party. Does this Spark an idea?

A Real-Life Firefighter

Plan a special visit to the fire station, or ask one or two firefighters to be guests at the party. Most firefighters will be very willing to share a little bit of what they do with a dozen adoring children. Make sure to make arrangements with the station several weeks in advance.

Fiery Decorations

Simplify your decorating by using red and yellow balloons. Toy fire trucks or firefighter hats can be placed as centerpieces on a red or yellow tablecloth. Sprinkle candy in the center of the table. A stuffed-animal Dalmatian can also serve as another fun centerpiece. Cut flames from red and yellow paper and place them in the window to make the house look as if it is on fire. Make a large sign for your front door that says “Fire Station #(age of child)”.

Heated Games

Many water games, like a water balloon toss, can be played in the backyard and support a firefighting theme. Indoor games may include “Pin the Tail on the Dalmatian,” “Hot Potato,” or dressing up like firefighters before some free play.

Fun Fire Foods

Of course at any fire birthday party, it is important to have a fun birthday cake. Serve a fire truck or fireman’s hat cake. Red punch, chips and salsa, or roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire are all fun ideas for fire party foods.

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